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Automatic Urinal Flusher

ING-9215 Hi-Class Automatic Urinal Flusher

Item No.: ING-9215


1. Special Type from TOTO;                              

2. AC or DC or AD;                                         

3. Suit for 8cm-thick wall;                                   

4. Strong Brass Valve;                 

5. Easy Cleaning Filter.

Power Type

Main Features:

Model Material Installation Size Valve
ING-9215 Panel: Stainless Steel Embedded Type PANEL: 130×130mm;  Brass Strong Valve
Case: Stainless Steel CASE: 112×121×65mm

Detailed Product Description:

★1. Clean & Hygienic: Self-open and close without any touch can effectively avoid cross infection of bacteria. Flush thoroughly without any odor.
★2. Low Power Consumption: 4pcs of 1.5V AA alkaline batteries can be used for 2 years based on 300 cycles per day.
★3. Optional Power Supply: DC6V (Use normal 4pcs AA Alkaline battery), AC100-250V Alternative Current power supply. AD (Normally for 100-250V AC Power Supply. When power is cut off, the battery inside will get to work immediately) power supply is optional. 
★4. Easy to Maintain: The product works steadily & reliable. Its built-in filter to make the maintenance easier.
★5. Smart Deodorant: When the urinal is not used for a long time, it will flush automatically every 12 hours to prevent the trap from drying up and odor reversing.
★6. Power Protection Function: The product can close the water automatically when the power abnormally. To prevent power wastage.