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Automatic Faucet

ING-9137 Deck Mounted Sensor Tap W/ Mini-controller

Item No.: ING-9137


  1. Similar to Grohe Design;                            

  2. Mini Control Box no need to drill hole on the wall.    

Main Features:


Model Faucet Body Finished Size Controller
ING-9137 Brass H59-1 Chrome Plating Faucet: D.45(46)*W.80*H.107mm;  Mini Controller
Controller: 105*85*48mm

Detailed Product Description:

★1. Intelligent Detecting: Water comes out once your hands get into the detection zone. And it will stop once you leave the detection zone. Sensor Confirming Time is less than 1s.
★2. Super mini designed PCB is controlled by computer chip, saving power intelligently. W/ mini chip controlling, the static power consumption will be no more than 60μA.
★3. Hygienic: Self-open and close to free hands from any touch, which can prevent you from bacteria mutual infections.
★4. Overtime Protection: It will shut off automatically when it flows over 1min continuously to avoid water wasting caused by obstacles inside detection zone.
★5. Detection Zone Adjusting Automatically: W/ controlling of mini-computer, it can set up the best detection zone according to the environment automatically.
★6. Intelligent Power-Saving: Controlled by low-consumption chips and with power-saving working mode, the faucet is super low-consumption. (DC-type products use 4pcs of AA Alkaline batteries. Its statics current is no more than 60μA. Its lifetime can reach 18 months when it's use 200cycles per day.)
★7. Power Leakage Warning: When the voltage of battery is less than 4.6V, the red indicating light will flash to remind you to recharge.
★8. Optional Power Supply: DC (Use normal 4pcs AA Alkaline battery) and AD (Normally for 110-220V AC Power Supply. When power is cut off, the battery will get to work immediately) power supply is optional.
★9. Mini-Controller: Easy to install and protect the wall. Users don’t need to drill holes on the wall. Just fix it onto the angle valve then it’s fixed!


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